Interview P. van Thienen: KWR - Smart Water Solutions


“In this episode, Rhea and I interviewed Peter Van Thienen, who is the principal scientist at KWR. Peter offers insights into collapsology, defined as the study of how and why societies might decline or collapse due to environmental or economic pressures, and its critical relevance to water infrastructure. With a transition from geosciences to water research, he emphasizes the importance of preparing water systems for the unpredictability of future societal shifts and environmental changes. The discussion emphasizes the necessity for water infrastructure to be resilient and adaptable. Peter’s research field also advocates for proactive strategies to protect water resources against the backdrop of potential societal collapse, ensuring community well-being and environmental sustainability.”

(Citation: EL Fadil, H. – Interview P. van Thienen: KWR – Smart Water Solutions – Podcast Episode nr. 78 (2024)29 February)

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