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IUVA Education Resource Center - Ultraviolet Association


“OUR MISSION: The Education Committee of the IUVA is building this with two objectives: Develop a broad-based archive and knowledge base of educational and resource materials about UV light and its applications. Each segment will be curated by senior experts and professionals who guide the selection of materials, explain their significance and rate them for usefulness and completeness. The Education Resource Center will provide both those who need information and those who want to provide education and correct information about UV with central, reliable place to go and contribute their expertise. While strict moderators will enforce community behavioral standards and forbid negativity, contributions from vendors, educators, engineers, consultants, and regulators alike will be welcomed. The profiles and Guiding Principles below explain the focus of each of the Guide teams.
Develop a curated Research Repository to provide an opportunity for researchers active in UV research or using UV technology for their research to keep updated on the state of the art with links to a portfolio of research -completed, published work, abstracts for work in progress as well as project proposals and solicitations for collaborations.”

(Citation: IUVA Education Resource Center – Ultraviolet Association (2024))

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