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Bioremediation of rapid sand filters for removal of organic micropollutants during drinking water production


“Rapid sand filtration (RSF) is used during drinking water production for removal of particles, possible harmful microorganisms, organic material and inorganic compounds such as iron, manganese, ammonium and methane. However, RSF can also be used for removal of certain organic micropollutants (OMPs). In this study, it was investigated if OMP removal in columns packed with sand from full scale RSFs could be stimulated by bioaugmentation (i.e. inoculating RSFs with sand from another RSF) and/or biostimulation (i.e. addition of nutrients, vitamins and trace-elements that stimulate microbial growth). The results showed that removal of PFOA, carbamazepine, 1-H benzotriazole, amidotrizoate and iopamidol in the columns was low (< 20 %). Propranolol and diclofenac removal was higher (50–60 %) and propranolol removal likely occurred via sorption processes, whereas for diclofenac it was unclear if removal was a combination of physical-chemical and biological processes. Moreover, bioaugmentation and biostimulation resulted in 99 % removal of gabapentin and metoprolol after 38 days and 99 % removal of acesulfame after 52 days of incubation. The bioaugmented column without biostimulation showed 99 % removal for gabapentin and metoprolol after 52 days, and for acesulfame after 80 days. In contrast, the non-bioaugmented column did not remove gabapentin, removed < 40 % metoprolol and showed 99 % removal of acesulfame only after 80 days of incubation. Removal of these OMPs was negatively correlated with ammonium oxidation and the absolute abundance of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria. 16S rRNA gene sequencing showed that OMP removal of acesulfame, gabapentin and metoprolol was positively correlated to the relative abundance of specific bacterial genera that harbor species with a heterotrophic and aerobic or denitrifying metabolism. These results show that bioaugmentation of RSF can be successful for OMP removal, where biostimulation can accelerate this removal." (Citation: Timmers, P.H.A., Siegers, W.G., Ferreira, M.L., Wielen, P.W.J.J. van der - Bioremediation of rapid sand filters for removal of organic micropollutants during drinking water production - Water Research 249(2024)art. no. 120921 - DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2023.120921 - (Open Access))

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