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Panta Rhei benchmark dataset: socio-hydrological data of paired events of floods and droughts


“As the adverse impacts of hydrological extremes increase in many regions of the world, a better understanding of the drivers of changes in risk and impacts is essential for effective flood and drought risk management and climate adaptation. However, there is currently a lack of comprehensive, empirical data about the processes, interactions, and feedbacks in complex human–water systems leading to flood and drought im- pacts. Here we present a benchmark dataset containing socio-hydrological data of paired events, i.e. two floods or two droughts that occurred in the same area. The 45 paired events occurred in 42 different study areas and cover a wide range of socio-economic and hydro-climatic conditions. The dataset is unique in covering both floods and droughts, in the number of cases assessed and in the quantity of socio-hydrological data. The bench- mark dataset comprises (1) detailed review-style reports about the events and key processes between the two events of a pair; (2) the key data table containing variables that assess the indicators which characterize management shortcomings, hazard, exposure, vulnerability, and impacts of all events; and (3) a table of the indicators of change that indicate the differences between the first and second event of a pair. The advantages of the dataset are that it enables comparative analyses across all the paired events based on the indicators of change and allows for detailed context- and location-specific assessments based on the extensive data and reports of the individual study areas. The dataset can be used by the scientific community for exploratory data analy- ses, e.g. focused on causal links between risk management; changes in hazard, exposure and vulnerability; and flood or drought impacts. The data can also be used for the development, calibration, and validation of socio- hydrological models. The dataset is available to the public through the GFZ Data Services (Kreibich et al., 2023,”

(Citaat: Kreibich, H., Schröter, K., Di Baldassarre, G, – Panta Rhei benchmark dataset: socio-hydrological data of paired events of floods and droughts – Earth System Science Data 15(2023)5, p.2009-2023 – DOI: 10.5194/essd-15-2009-2023 – (Open Access))

© Author(s) 2023. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

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