The human factor: the vital key to climate change adaptation


“The challenges arising from climate change are as diverse and complex as the communities, businesses and individuals affected. Successful adaptation relies upon involving society in decision making and ensuring their buy-in for any planned interventions. Engaging with stakeholders across science and society in an effective way is therefore a vital key to achieving climate adaptation ambitions. This is why many European and international projects are now required to build stakeholder or citizen engagement into their activities. The European-Union-funded IMPETUS project is supporting Europe’s ambition to become a climate-change resilient society by 2050. Its stakeholder engagement approach is a significant part of the work and is already proving useful in the project’s 7 regional demonstration sites.
Lisa Andrews is a scientific researcher with Netherlands-based water research institute KWR, which is leading the project’s stakeholder engagement activities. She specialises in stakeholder engagement and collaboration in projects and programmes and hopes that the IMPETUS approach could be adopted by other initiatives.”

(Citation: Andrews, L. – The human factor: the vital key to climate change adaptation – (2023)17 July)

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