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Service-lines as major contributor to water quality deterioration at customer ends


“Biofilm detachment contributes to water quality deterioration. However, the contributions of biofilm detachment from different pipes have not been quantified or compared. Following the introduction of partial reverse osmosis (RO) in drinking water production, this study analyzed particles at customers’ ends and tracked their origins to water distribution mains and service lines. For doing so, filter bags were installed in front of water meters to capture upstream detached particles, while biofilm from water main and service line were sampled by cutting pipe specimens. The results showed that elemental concentrations of the biofilm in mains were higher than those of service lines (54.3–268.5 vs. 27.1–44.4 μg/cm2), both dominated by Ca. Differently, filter bags were dominated by Fe/Mn (77.5–98.1%). After introducing RO, Ca significantly decreased in biofilms of mains but not service lines, but the released Fe/Mn rather than Ca arrived at customers’ ends. The ATP concentrations of service lines were higher than mains, which decreased on mains but increased in service lines after introducing RO. For the core ASVs, 13/24 were shared by service lines (17), mains (21), and filter bags (17), which were assigned mainly to Nitrospira spp., Methylomagnum spp., Methylocytis spp., and IheB2–23 spp. According to source tracking results, service lines contributed more than mains to the particulate material collected by filter bags (57.6 ± 13.2% vs. 13.0 ± 11.6%). To the best of our knowledge, the present study provides the first evidence of service lines’ direct and quantitative contributions to potential water quality deterioration at customers’ ends. This highlights the need for the appropriate management of long-neglected service line pipes, e.g., regarding material selection, length optimization, and proper regulation.”

(Citation: Fang, J., Dai, Z., Li, X., – Service-lines as major contributor to water quality deterioration at customer ends – Water Research 241(2023)art. no. 120143 – DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2023.120143 – (Open Access))

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