Rapport i.s.m. derden - D1.1

Approaches to Industrial Water Efficiency, Drivers and Barriers


“Deliverable 1.1 is the output of Task 1.1 activities under Work Package 1 of the AquaSPICE project. This report provides an overview of circular water use in the European industrial process sector, indicating the current trend of industrial water use and also, the future focus and potential directions. This report aims to identify gaps, barriers and existing approaches to industrial water efficiency by considering the existing State of the Art literature review for current industrial water efficiency practices, technologies and water monitoring approach, followed by a review of relevant policy directives and regulations implying the latest advances on SPIRE and H2020 projects. In this report, several gaps influencing industrial water efficiency are identified and can be categorised into technical, legislation, social and economic areas of considerations to be addressed, a summary of how AquaSPICE’s work can address these gaps was also presented in the report. A review has been done on the relevant past and on-going EU projects with a focus on the SPIRE projects to understand synergies of these projects with AquaSPICE and the transferrable knowledge and related concept to AquaSPICE has been tabulated. Finally, a review of state of the art in current industrial practices was conducted, where some good industrial practices incorporating process, circular and digital innovations to enhance industrial water efficiency are discussed.”

(Citation: Chuan Jiet Teo, Johann Poinapen, Aitor Corchero Rodriguez, et al. – AquaSPICE – D1.1 – Approaches to Industrial Water Efficiency, Drivers and Barriers (2021)
© AquaSPICE Consortium, 2020

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