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Global water security challenges and solutions


“The demand for water, one of the fundamental necessities of life, is growing at a faster rate than the world population. Agriculture and other industries are becoming even more intensive water users, climate change has already had immense effects all over the world, and competition between different user groups is increasing over time. At the same time, billions of people all over the globe still don’t have access to safe drinking water and safely managed sanitation services. But we can learn to do better. In order to do so, the essays in this book assess current challenges and highlight the need for more water-efficiency and customer-driven technological innovation in various fields. They also provide solutions, show best-practice examples, and find answers to some of the most pressing issues in water management around the globe. The dialogue about current challenges in water and wastewater management has only just begun and must be brought to the forefront for the chance at a sustainable water future.”

(Citation: Savic, D., Dingemans, M.J., Bartholomeus, R.P. (2023). Global water security challenges and solutions. In: Rübig, P., Kaspar, A. (Eds.), Emergency preparedness – A sustainable #food #water #energy future. Trauner – ISBN: 978-3-99113-867-9)

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