Rapport i.s.m. derden - D7.5

Synergies Report - NextGen


“The main objectives of the EU H2020 NextGen Project, were to develop and demonstrate novel technological, business and governance solutions for water in the circular economy (CE) in ten high-profile, large-scale, demonstration cases across Europe, and to develop the necessary approaches, tools, and partnerships, to transfer and upscale. The CE transition driven by NextGen encompasses a wide range of water-embedded resources: water itself, energy, and materials (e.g. nutrients). This D7.5 Synergies report serves as an extensive summary of the main results and outcomes of NextGen.
NextGen worked on ten demonstration sites across Europe providing evidence demonstrating the feasibility of innovative technological solutions. Through the demonstration cases, 26 circular water technologies have been implemented and tested. The innovative solutions demonstrated, provided evidence that we can, technically, transform wastewater into valuable and high-quality products such as reclaimed water, energy (biogas and heat), and/or recovered materials (including nitrogen and phosphorous). We demonstrated how these products can act as “alternative sources” to cover a range of (non-potable) water demands, energy needs and the production of fertilisers and other commercial goods. Technology factsheets and the demonstrated results and quantified impact at the demo cases have been assembled in a Technology Evidence Base.”

(Citation: Frijns, J.A.G., Plana Puig, Q., Nättorp, A., et.al. – NextGen – Synergies Report – D7.5 (2023))

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