BTO trendalert - BTO 2022.064

Trendalert Anti-scaling magnetic treatment


“Scaling in drinking water is being prevented by applying magnetism. A universally agreed mechanism, behind magnetism, is not yet available. Anti-scaling magnetism has been shown to be effective by real practice. In particular, recirculated flows with prolonged exposure, enhanced saturated conditions (i.e. higher temperatures, higher hardness and electrolyte concentrations) and coagulation and crystallization particles in the solution, are associated to successful applications. Commercial devices for scaling removal through magnetism are available. However, there are installations where magnetism does not work. Basic design for magnetic installations and operating conditions cannot be derived from fundamental knowledge. Since the characteristics of successful magnetic applications are not commonly obtained at the drinking water tap it is not likely that drinking water anti-scaling treatment will be overall effective. At full-scale water treatment plants no examples of anti-scaling magnetic installations were found. However, magnetism is being applied at full-scale water treatment plants to support removal of specific contaminants. Further applied research should either focus on water streams with super-saturated conditions, or research magnetism in combination with separation processes and nanomaterials.”

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