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The big picture: depicting (and predicting) drought conditions in the Netherlands


“Beginning in the summer of 2018 and stretching into 2022, the Netherlands has faced several severe drought periods. The Netherlands is no stranger to such conditions, having faced historic droughts in 1921, 1959, and 1976. Still, the prolonged dry conditions of recent years have had a range of negative ecological and economic impacts. Agriculture, natural areas, and infrastructure have all suffered dam age. Between reduced rainfall and high water use demand, groundwater tables hit extreme lows and streams ran dry in more arid regions of the country. In other words, what started as a change in weather and clim ate had pronounced effects in the soil- groundwater system . The first step to dealing with these changes is bringing them into focus. During the research project that KnowH2O conducted with a team of institutes in 2019–2021, all parties involved recognized the need to generate and share information across the country by visualizing drought information.”

(Citation: van den Eertwegh, G.A.P.H., van Deijl, D., – The big picture, depicting (and predicting) drought conditions in the Netherlands – Water Resources IMPACT 24(2022)6, p.16-18)

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