BLUE PLANET Panel Discussion II - "Hydroinformatics - New Data Sources"


“The BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues on 22 November 2022 focused on Artificial Intelligence: Reshaping the Water Industry. For the third time now, the BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues took place entirely virtual, allowing participants from the water sector from all over the world to join.
Watch the Panel Discussion on “Hydroinformatics: New Data Sources” moderated by Dr. David Steffelbauer; Group Leader, Berlin Centre of Competence for Water (KWB) with the panelists Ina Vertommen, Team Manager & Researcher Hydroinformatics, KWR Water Research Institute, Dr. Antonio Moreno-Rodenas; Researcher / Data Science Program Coordinator, Deltares and Marten Hutten; Data Scientist, Vitens here.”

(Citation: Moderator: Steffelbauer, D.B., Panel: Vertommen, I. Moreno-Rodenas, A., Hutten, M. – BLUE PLANET Panel Discussion II – Hydroinformatics -New Data Sources (2022)2 December)

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