Interview C. Makropoulos - Region-wide "digital twins" project IMPETUS has been launched


“The phrase “digital twins” has become more common in the water industry to describe the creation of virtual replicas of physical assets, such as water treatment plants or water networks. However, another potential lies in “digital twinning” an entire region, initially connecting ‘hard’ ground sensors and ‘soft’ satellite sensors to regional environmental and infrastructure models. This could help eventually connect multiple utility digital twin models to help with long-term water decision-making.
That is according to Christos Makropoulos, a professor at the National Technical University of Athens and a principal scientist at the KWR Water Institute, involved in the Horizon 2020-funded project IMPETUS. The KWR Water Institute is a Dutch-based research facility dedicated to scientific research and developing innovations for sustainable water provision in the urban water cycle. The project’s goal is to turn high level climate commitments into tangible actions to protect local communities.”

(Citation: Interview C. Makropoulos – Region-wide “digital twins” project IMPETUS has been launched – (2022)21 October)

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