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A water-sensitive circular economy and the nexus concept


“This Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of how water, energy and food are interconnected, comprising a coherent system: the nexus. It considers the interlinkages between natural resources, governance processes seeking coherence among water, energy and food policies, and the adoption of transdisciplinary approaches in the field.
With contributions covering a broad range of disciplinary perspectives and cross-cutting themes, the Handbook has a well-balanced mix of conceptual chapters and empirical studies. It includes a state-of-the-art analysis of the concepts and experiences in implementing the nexus in different policy environments, providing examples of successful integrated decision-making across the domains of water, energy and food. Offering a global perspective on water, energy and food security, the Handbook contains insights into achieving both national development goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. Chapters further highlight how to understand the concepts of the nexus in practice, impacts of the nexus in governance, policy and business, and methods and tools to strengthen the nexus.
Interdisciplinary and thorough, this Handbook will be critical reading for environmental management, public policy and human geography scholars. It will also be a useful tool for policymakers looking for successful examples of policy coherence towards an integrated management of water, energy and food resources.”

(Citation: Christos Makropoulos, Sandra Casas Garriga, Anne Kleyböcker, Charles-Xavier Sockeel, Clara Plata Rios, Heather Smith and Jos Frijns. A water-sensitive circular economy and the nexus concept. Part II 7A, p.113-131 РIn: Floor Brouwer (ed) (2022), Handbook on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Edward Elgar, ISBN: 978 1 83910 054 3 РDOI:10.4337/9781839100550.00013)

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