Water efficiency and water recycling: what are the options?


“Fresh water is a crucial resource all over the world. Water is needed for food production, for human consumption, health and hygiene, for industries and energy production. However, there is a growing mismatch between water supply and demand. How can we reduce the pressure on (ground)water resources? How can we improve the efficiency of water use? How can we make sure that fresh water is not unnecessarily drained to rivers and oceans? How can we improve responsible water reuse and cooperation between different users like industry and agriculture? In this scientific session we welcome contributions on technical innovations or scenario studies as well as on behavioral changes or new collaboration schemes. Interesting themes are also the governance of water use and economic aspects. Would it help to make water more expensive? It is also important to regard water quantity and quality: how do we deal with water quality issues in relation to water reuse? How do measures propagate through the water cycle; what are the benefits and risks? Can we optimize water management in relation to circularity of other resources like nutrients and carbon? How can we address weather extremes with increasing drought, heat as well as flooding due to climate change in the context of circularity?”

(Citation: Hack-ten Broeke, M., Bartholomeus, R.P. – Water efficiency and water recycling: what are the options? – In: Conference, W.U.R.-C.w. (Ed.), Living within planetary boundaries. WUR, Wageningen 13 April 2022 – DOI: 10.18174/567297 – (Open Access))

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