Interview M. de Zwart and G.A. van den Berg - Bring in the Dutch


“The Netherlands has long been known as an expert when it comes to everything water related. Having built an entire province on a lake in the 20th century, one of the most complex defence systems against the North Sea and dam connecting both sides of the country. These feats have made Dutch water expertise highly requested around the world.
Dutch expertise, still wanted against water One of the most common ways a nation can quickly get into contact with experts is via the Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR-Team). A cooperative venture by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterworks, Netherlands Enterprise Agency and many experts connected via the Netherlands Water Partnership. Their coordinator, Michel De Zwart, explains how countries can quickly get access to this group of around 450 experts for many water related issues. “If something happens in a country such as a disaster or the need for structural changes to their climate management.” Whether it be draughts, floods or other issues rising from climate change. They can get in touch with the Dutch embassy who can easily put them into contact with the DRR-Team.”
“According to dr. Gerard van den Berg, a project manager at KWR Water Research Institute, one of the aspects of water management the Dutch do great is their organisation. Many layers of government can work together in the field of water safety and management. “A lot of countries look at the Netherlands as a country that has things in order. It’s just something we had to realize, if we didn’t do anything half the country would be underwater.””

(Citations: van de Pol, K. – Interview M. de Zwart and G.A. van den Berg – Bring in the Dutch – (2022)25 January)

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