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Enhancing Governance Capacity to Ensure a Long-Term Water Supply The Case of Windhoek, Namibia


“Windhoek, Namibia, faces water stress, urbanisation, climate change and governance challenges; these issues are constraining water provision and underpinning the urgency to implement an integrated water resource management plan. Windhoek has provided access to water during droughts by relying on multiple water resources including treated wastewater. However, significant infrastructure investments are required to ensure continued water security. Through applying the City Blueprint Approach—an indicator assessment aiming to provide a holistic understanding of water management and governance—we substantiate how Namibia can enhance the capacity to implement legislation, with long-term focus and collaboration with experts and stakeholders.”

(Citation: Olivieri, F.; Koop, S.H.A.; Van Leeuwen, K.; Hofman, J. – Enhancing Governance Capacity to Ensure a Long-Term Water Supply: The Case of Windhoek, Namibia. – Sustainability 2022, 14, 2387. – Open Access

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