Rapport i.s.m. derden - D.2.1

WaterMining - Communities of Practice Roadmap and Facilitation Guidance


“Innovative solutions to the globe’s most pressing issues will come about as a result of effective collaboration, communication and knowledge exchange. Research has shown that bringing people together from different backgrounds and interests can elevate the potential for relevant innovations to be effectively applied at the local level as well as up scaled and diffused. As such, Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a vital component to EU Projects to deliver solutions tailored and co-created by a diverse group of individuals who can ensure the long-term success of technologies and innovations developed and tested in project case studies.
Within the WATER-MINING H2020 project, we will help case study (CS) leaders to design and implement CoPs, to engage locally relevant stakeholders from various expertise and backgrounds, and to incorporate social values and concerns into the process of technological development. Each CoP will enable the participants to discuss, work together and outline the steps towards successful design and implementation of water-related technologies and innovations. Furthermore, participants to the CoPs will benefit from learning from each other and developing relationships with local partners on tangible technologies and innovations for a water-wise world.”

(Citation: Andrews, L., Mooren, C.E., Munaretto, S., et.al. – WaterMining – Communities of Practice Roadmap and Facilitation Guidance – D2.1 (2021))

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