New network to help unite Europe's young water professionals


“A new network has been created to unite young water professionals across Europe, named the ULTIMATE Young Professional (UYP) platform. In total, the project has selected nine large-scale demonstrations (demo sites) across Europe from the agro-food, beverage, petrochemical and biotech sectors. From water utilities to whisky distilleries, the partners represent a variety of stakeholders who could benefit from circular economy activities.
The network has been created as part of the four-year, Horizon2020 ULTIMATE project (indUstry water-utiLiTy symbIosis for a sMarter wATEr society), under EU Water in the context of the Circular Economy program. Nearly 20 young professionals from the partners have joined together in regular workshops, meetings and informal events. They range from policy, consultancy, academia, research institutes and utilities across Europe.”

(Citation: New network to help unite Europe’s young water professionals – (2021)15 December)

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