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Size matters. To achieve circularity, we need scale


“Dutch and French circular projects share lessons from nationwide operations. Two European projects have expanded, offering lessons on the importance of scale in delivering a circular economy. Utility resource broker AquaMinerals in the Netherlands and Seitiss by French start-up studio Strane Innovation in France have witness growth in turning wastes into valuable resources. By connecting multiple cross-industry stakeholders, both developments have enabled resources from drinking water treatment or industrial processes to be organised, connecting supply and demand over a nationwide scale. It comes at a time of increasing focus on the circular economy across Europe. The European Commission’s adoption of the circular economy action plan (CEAP) means achieving circular economies have become an aspirational central building block of the European Green Deal and the continent’s drive for sustainable growth.”

(Citation: Potjewijd, R. – Size matters. To achieve circularity, we need scale – Water & Wastewater Asia (2021)Nov/Dec., p.40-41)

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