BTO mansam - BTO 2020.016

Multiple value creation for the water sector - ExecutiveSummary - Inventory of problem areas and opportunities for multiple value creation leads to recommendations for the water sector


On the road towards multiple value creation (MVC), drinking water utilities can make the business case competitive and comprehensive by, for instance, incorporating non-tangible values. New financing constructions and transaction values are also a possibility. Moreover, complexity can be broken down by facilitating new forms of collaboration, such as co-creation initiatives. These and more recommendations arise from the research in which experts were asked about the opportunities to enable MVC in the water sector. Problem areas were also identified and a literature study was conducted on non-tangible values in the business case. The water sector is experimenting with new ways of organising utilities and inter-connecting different societal objectives. With the passage of the Environment and Planning Act, among other factors, there is a growing need to seek these connections with other sectors and to jointly create added value.

Interest: realise multiple value creation in the water sector. The focus in today’s economic system is often directed at financial costs and benefits, which are moreover inadequately calculated. Traditional business models often do not promote the creation of multiple value. But it is also true that thinking beyond the traditional business case is slowly gaining ground. More and more novel approaches to organisation are emerging, in which multiple value creation is more frequently placed at the centre. MVC ties in the solution of societal problem areas with the business case and creates value (or cost-savings) for multiple parties. MVC is not only sensible and important, but with the passage of the Environment and Planning Act it will increasingly become the norm. It is therefore important for the drinking water utilities to seek connections with other sectors, and to jointly create added value (and make cost-savings) in order to address societal challenges. But there are many questions that need to be answered. What are the connection opportunities with other sectors? What are the kinds of collaborations that could arise? What are the values that are created in the water sector?

Report – This research is described in the report Meervoudige waardecreatie voor de watersector (BTO-2020.016).

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