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ICT4WATER - Vision and showcases


“Water systems and water infrastructure are critical and essential components of urban and rural life, encompassing clean water (supply and distribution) systems, waste water systems, irrigation systems, the management of surface water (rivers and freshwater bodies), as well as groundwater. Historically, as cities, water demand and population grew, new water infrastructures followed as needed. However, these developments had less to do with real long-term planning than with reacting to needs and crisis situations. Additionally pollution of water bodies and water quality in general is an increasing concern, due to industrialisation, rapid urban growth and socio-economic conditions, while extreme weather, climate change and uncertainty about future climatic conditions (e.g. droughts) pose additional threats to water security in several regions of Europe.
Besides, water is directly or indirectly linked to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), most notably to SDG 6, while several EU directives and policies refer to the water sector. For instance the Water Framework directive (2000/60/EC), the Urban Wastewater directive (91/271/EC), the Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC), the Floods Directive (2007/60/EC) encompass several aspects of the governance of the water sector. Water is also noted by the Green Deal, especially as an integral part of circular economy, zero pollution, farm to fork strategy and energy efficiency.
Digital innovation has brought a revolution in the management of all critical infrastructures (water, energy, transport, health and telecommunications). Strategic and operational management are becoming more efficient, safe, competent and smart. It creates also new challenges, related to interoperability, data exchange and the need for combined policies for different sectors (e.g. water and energy).”

(Citation:Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, Anzaldi, G. – ICT4WATER – Vision and showcases (2021))


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