Getting serious about gaming to connect water stakeholders


“Serious gaming can raise stakeholder awareness on water supply and demand. Gamification enables stakeholders to exchange roles virtually and to explore the impacts of policy options. Water utilities are adopting serious gaming to aid strategic planning decisions.
Gaming has always been an integral part of human culture. One of the oldest forms of social interaction and communication, games have enabled civilisations to bond and thrive as communities.”
“Serious Gaming In The Context Of Water. Serious gaming has a lot of potential as a tool to facilitate interaction, communication, and learning. For example, raising stakeholder awareness and learning about water supply and demand in a certain region. In the context of water utilities, it can enable organizations to interact internally to better understand their own operations, and externally with their customers and stakeholders, to build understanding and consensus on water uses and allocation.”

(Citations: Munaretto, S. – Getting serious about gaming to connect water stakeholders – (2021)11 May)

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