Accelerating the Water Circular Economy across Europe


“A total of 27 project partners have come together under the ULTIMATE project (indUstry water-utiLiTy symbIosis for a sMarter wATEr society).
Co-financed by the European Commission (grant agreement No. 869318), the four-year Horizon2020 project is being carried out under the EU Water in the Context of the Circular Economy programme. The ambition is to create economic value and increase sustainability by valorising resources within the water cycle. Water is being repositioned as a vector for energy and materials, instead of merely being disposed of after collection and treatment.
ULTIMATE uses real-world, large scale industrial demonstrations to build evidence-based symbiosis applications that unlock water-embedded resources including (waste)water, energy and materials.
In total, the project has selected nine large-scale demonstrations (demosites) across Europe from the agro-food, beverage, petrochemical and biotech sectors.
From water utilities to whisky distilleries, the partners represent a variety of stakeholders who could benefit from circular economy activities. In this sense, collaboration is the start for innovation and local implementation.
What do the ULTIMATE participants hope to achieve through the ULTIMATE collaboration? Find some reactions here!”

(Citation: KWR project in the news – Accelerating the Water Circular Economy across Europe – (2020)17 December

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