Rapport i.s.m. derden - D7.5

Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Responsible Research and Innovation


“The purpose of Ethical Principles and Guidelines is to is to offer a genuine rationale underlying principles and guidelines that the ULTIMATE partners need to take into consideration. The ULTIMATE project consists of a diversity of organisations, including universities, other research institutions, industrial partners, water companies, water service providers and technology providers) and other organisations. A central element in ULTIMATE are the 9 case studies. In the context of each case study a community of practice (CoP) will be formed, including operators, technology providers, regulators, municipalities, to share experiences and co-produce knowledge. The CoPs give feedback for technology development by discussing it in a wider context, addressing barriers and opportunities. Furthermore, stakeholders, including citizens, will be engaged for example through immersive environments and living labs. The ethical principles and guidelines described here are general and cover both professional and research ethical issues, and project internal as well as external dimensions.”

(Citation: Thorseth, M., van der Broeke, J. (Quality Assurance) – ULTIMATE Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Responsible Research and Innovation – D7.5 (2020))

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