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Water Challenges for the 21st Century


“The amount of water on Earth is constant and should be sufficient to keep us going for centuries to come. However, our world is increasingly exposed to natural disasters, pollution, a volatile climate and socio-economic changes that threaten, among others, our water supply and sanitation. It will take all of us to overcome what could prove to be our greatest challenge of the 21st century.
Water is the key to life as we know it. From a purely biological role to being crucial for sustaining societies, economies and the environment, its importance is undeniable. After all, readers of the British Medical Journal selected waterbased sanitation as the greatest medical milestone of the last century and a half. That is even more remarkable when it is compared with inventions such as vaccines, which are quite clearly on the minds of the world’s population due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

(Citation: Savic, D.A. – Water Challenges for the 21st Century – Revolve Magazine (2020)38, p.6-7)

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