KWR rapport - KWR 2020.125

Assessment of requirements for the NORMAN Bioactivity database


The work described in this report, to assess the requirements for a new NORMAN Bioactivity database, was funded by Norman following a proposal from VU and KWR. A project team was formed in 2020. This team was a collaboration between VU, KWR, UFZ, Griffith. The people participating in this project team are the authors of this report. In this document an overview of considerations on the functionality and requirements for the NORMAN Bioactivity database is given. Some of the considerations are from the project team, others come from the questionnaire that was sent out to potential users.
Goal and scope of the database
In the envisioned NORMAN Bioactivity database, activity/toxicity data for individual water relevant chemicals will be collected from bioassays that measure endpoints relevant for water quality monitoring, or close analogues of those bioassays (e.g. ToxCast assays). This information can be used for different water quality related activities, such as mixture modelling, selection of a relevant bioassay battery for water quality monitoring, prioritization of chemicals for inclusion in monitoring programs, and prioritization of suspects for confirmation.

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