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Kraanwaterbewustzijn onder de loep


“Despite the often emphasized importance of water awareness, and notwithstanding the fact that calls for increasing public awareness are becoming commonplace, most studies do not define the concept, let alone, operationalise awareness into measurable units. The key objective of this paper is to
conceptualise, operationalise and assess tap water awareness, hereby differentiating between cognitive, affective and behavioural awareness of tap water. Based on the analysis of the results of the first empirical application of our tap water awareness assessment framework containing nine different awareness elements, we conclude that tap water awareness in the Netherlands is, indeed, generally rather low. The differences between various groups of customers are, however, striking. The most significant variations in awareness can be witnessed between people with different customer perspectives on drinking water. Our results not only stress the need for but also provide practical guidance to a more targeted approach in both awareness raising campaigns and evaluations.”

(Citaat: Brouwer, S., Aalderen, N. van, Koop, S. – Kraanwaterbewustzijn onder de loep – Water Governance (2020)2 p. 21-27)

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