Academics push for greater water management


“Three academics from the UK said even the First World must continually pursue and neither
abandon nor neglect projects that ensure the availability of clean and safe water for all. The three are from the University of Birmingham-School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences: Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry Prof. Stefan Krause, College of Life and Environmental Sciences-Research director/United Nations Education Scientific, Cultural Organisation chairperson/Hydrology Prof. David M. Hannah, and Environmental Nanosciences Prof. Iseult Lynch. They jointly authored “How Con Handwashing Protect From COVIDl9 When You’re Short of Water?, a copy of which was emailed to Gulf Today. Citing the UN Sustainable Development
Goal Number 6 which is “To ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all,” Krause, Hannah and Lynch stated that water is a “basic human right” which the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19} has clearly demonstrated for. “clean water allows good hand hygiene and is, of course, also vital for drinking and preparing food.” They are on the same page as with KWR WaterInstitute (The Netherlands) chief executive officer Prof. Dragon Savic on the indispensability of water and the need to invest in Water Science and Water Engineering.
They wrote, “We must invest now in water infrastructure and water governance-that (is) to say the way water is managed and provisioned.”

(Citaat: Mariecar Jara-Puyod – Interview D.A. Savic – Academics push for greater water management – Gulftoday (2020) 13 augustus)

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