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Indicators of the Governance Capacity Framework (GCF) (Version June 2021)


“This document provides the method for the application of the Governance Capacity Framework (GCF) to five water-related challenges in cities. The GCF is a governance capacity assessment method consisting of three dimensions, nine key conditions and 27 indicators.

The GCF is applied on five water-related governance challenges:
1. Water scarcity
2. Flood risk
3. Wastewater treatment
4. Solid waste treatment
5. Urban heat islands
These challenges are the most reoccurring water related challenges that will steadily increase in importance and frequency due to climate change and urbanization. These ‘governance challenges’ typically have fragmented scopes, viewpoints and responsibilities. As there are many causes leading to complexity, uncertainty and disagreement, there is no single best approach to solve governance challenges. In fact, it is an iterative process that requires governance capacity to find dynamic long-term solutions that are supported with flexible intermittent targets to anticipate on emerging barriers and changing situations.”

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