DNC2020 Special Session "Learning through Serious Games" - Virtual Dresden Nexus Conference 2020, Dresden, Germany 3-5 June


“As part of the virtual Dresden Nexus Conference 2020, SIM4NEXUS and UNU-FLORES co-organised the special session ‘Learning through Serious Games – Play and learn about the water-energy-food-land-and-climate nexus interactions!’ The organisers share their insights from the well-attended session, originally published by SIM4NEXUS. Exploring the interlinkages between water, energy, food, land, and climate is now the key to achieve Sustainable Development. The third edition of the Dresden Nexus Conference 2020 (DNC2020) held on June 3-5, 2020 on “Circular Economy in a Sustainable Society” provided the platform to foster clear dialogues between Nexus thinking experts and to expand the policy-making activities related to the interlinkages between resources and productivity for an integrated management of natural resources.
With over 1200 registered participants from 100 countries, the conference hosted a special session on playing serious games organised by Stefania Munaretto and Lisa Andrews (KWR Water Research Institute) in cooperation with Floor Brouwer (WUR Wageningen Economic Research) and Serena Caucci (United Nations University UNU-FLORES). The purpose of the session was for participants to experience playing a Serious Games as a means for learning about nexus interlinkages in specific regions, and thereby reflecting on sustainable resource management issues in an interactive manner.”

(Citation: Munaretto, S., Andrews, L., Caucci, S. – DNC2020 Special Session “Learning through Serious Games” – Virtual Dresden Nexus Conference 2020, Dresden, Germany 3-5 June – (2020)26 June)

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