Rapport i.s.m. derden - D 7.3

NextGen - Data Management Plan - Updated version


“This document is the updated version of the NextGen Data Management Plan (DMP) and intents to provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that is used by the NextGen project with regards to all the datasets that are generated by the project. It is based on the initial version of the DMP (D7.2) and is updated to the current situation and the progress that has been made in this aspect.
The first section is an introduction to the document regarding the purposes as well as the structure of the document and the synergies with other tasks and deliverables. The second section states the purpose of data generation and collection, explains the relation to the project objectives, specifies the types and formats of data and existing reused data, identifies the origin and size of data as well as the data utility. The process of making the data ‘FAIR’ is described in section 3, that is making it findable, openly accessible, interoperable and re- usable through clarifying licenses. Furthermore, the allocation of resources for the data collection and management is explicitly described in section 4. The crucial aspect of data security, developing and establishing a backup and recovery plan for all NextGen data is presented in section 5. With regards to the ethical aspects, a number of ethical issues have been identified for the execution of NextGen, specifically humans, non-EU countries, data protection and compliance with the GDPR and others (section 6). The conclusions of the document are presented in section 7.
The DMP is obviously not a fixed document, but it evolves during the lifespan of the project and functions as a dynamic document of agreements. This report presents the updated version of the NextGen DMP, in which all the progress and updates of the data management policy that has been conducted is described and is expected to be used in the project implementation.”

(Citation: Makropoulos, C., Karavokiros, G. – NextGen – Data Management Plan – Updated version – D7.3 (2020))

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