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Symbiotic industry ecosystem for water-secure communities


“It is widely reported that industry underestimates its exposure to water-derived risk and companies which are ignoring the climate crisis risk bankruptcy. CDP reports an underestimate of $425 billion combined business value related to water-derived risk in 2019. Water is not yet top of mind for industry and the transition to improved water performance and a zero-carbon economy has only been incremental. Even as industries are at minimum output during the COVID19 pandemic, there has not been a radical change away from carbon emissions. This needs to change. To their credit, food and beverage industries have been first movers in transitioning to a water-secure future. Directly dependent on sustainable water supply for production they have introduced environmental impact measures enabling them to reap the low hanging fruits for transitioning to a climate resilient approach. It’s time to make these measures mainstream.”

(Citation: Savic, D.A. Symbiotic industry ecosystem for water-secure communities – (2020)9 June)

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