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Dynamics and resilience of soil mycobiome under multiple organic and inorganic pulse disturbances


“Disturbances in soil can cause short-term soil changes, consequently changes in microbial community what may result in long-lasting ecological effects. Here, we evaluate how multiple pulse disturbances effect the dynamics and resilience of fungal community, and the co-occurrence of fungal and bacterial communities in a 389 days field experiment. We used soil under sugarcane cultivation as soil ecosystem model, and organic residue (vinasse – by-product of sugarcane ethanol production) combined or not with inorganic (organic residue applied 30 days before or together with mineral N fertilizer) amendments as disturbances. Application of organic residue alone as a single disturbance or 30 days prior to a second disturbance with mineral N resulted in similar changes in the fungal community. The simultaneous application of organic and mineral N as a single pulse disturbance had the greatest impact on the fungal community. Organic amendment increased the abundance of saprotrophs, fungal species capable of denitrification, and fungi described to have copiotrophic and oligotrophic lifestyles. Furthermore, the changes in the fungal community were not correlated with the changes in the bacterial community. The fungal community was neither resistant nor resilient to organic and inorganic disturbances over the one-year sampling period. Our findings provide insights on the immediate and delayed responses of the fungal community over one year to disturbance by organic and inorganic amendments.”

(Citation: Lourenco, K.S., Suleiman, A.K.A., Pijl, A., et al. – Dynamics and resilience of soil mycobiome under multiple organic and inorganic pulse disturbances – Science of the Total Environment 733(2020)art. no. 139173 – DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.139173 – (Open Access))

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