Rapport i.s.m. derden - D5.6

BINGO Exploitation of adaptation strategies beyond the research sites


“The main question to be answered in this deliverable was: Which adaptation measures, knowledge, information, data and/or tools generated in the BINGO project are potentially transferable beyond the six BINGO research sites? A succinct answer to this question is that (1) some of each type of BINGO outcome is theoretically transferrable, and that (2) the decision support methods and tools that were used to prioritize adaptation measures are both highly transferrable and particularly useful for potential target locations beyond the BINGO research sites.
This deliverable is structured with a description of the different types of project outcomes that could be transferred, followed by a discussion of what transfer would involve for each outcome type. The 44 adaptation measures included in the BINGO Portfolio of Adaptation Measures have ‘conceptual generality’, because they are formulated as abstract concepts: This makes them highly transferable. Modification of these adaptation measures at the research sites, to deal with the site-specific risks and conditions, resulted in better fitting and less transferable products. The BINGO approach that was used to prioritize and specify these adaptation measures, including stakeholder involvement in communities of practice, is widely transferable beyond the project.
Partners at some of the research sites have intentions to apply this approach at new locations in the near future.”

(Citaat: van Alphen, H.J., Segrave, A.J., Interwies, E., Petersen, A. – BINGO Exploitation of adaptation strategies beyond the research sites – D5.6, 2019)

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