Rapport i.s.m. derden - D5.7

BINGO Prioritisation between long list of adaptation measures (process/method)


“One of the goals of the BINGO project is to select and analyse adaptation measures as part of an adaptation strategy. In previous research projects (such as PREPARED and CARPATHIAN CC) numerous adaptation measures have been identified that deal with different aspects of climate changes, such as floods and droughts. In BINGO, we have applied a stepwise approach to prioritize between these and other measures, using different approaches to elicit stakeholder knowledge and expert analysis. This allowed the different research sites in BINGO to select suitable adaptation measures, supported by stakeholders and grounded in research and effective on a broad range of socio-economic criteria.
In this guideline, the stepwise approach is laid out that was followed in the BINGO project to select and analyse adaptation measures. The approach relies on active participation of stakeholders. In BINGO this was organized through Communities of Practice (CoPs) that functioned as a platform for much of the work in this guideline. Apart from stakeholder involvement, also expert knowledge and data and knowledge from outside the project has been used. The initial long list of measures was based on the results of previous (European) projects and for the different analyses (Social Justice Analysis, Governance Analysis, Multi Criteria Analysis) expert from inside or outside the CoPs were consulted.
Within the BINGO, the approach was set up by a core team of the associated work package (WP5), but the local execution of the activities were coordinated by the local research partners and the end users involved in the project.”

(Citaat: van Alphen, H.J. – BINGO Prioritisation between long list of adaptation measures (process/method) – D5.7, 2019)

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