Microplastics in the aquatic environment


“Over the decades, the issue of plastic pollution in the aquatic environment has become increasingly apparent. In particular the consequences of larger plastic particles for marine life have very vividly shown the impact on (marine) lifeforms. On the other hand, the impact of plastic micro- and nanoparticles remains for the most part unknown.
There is a need for more information about the extent of the problem concerning microplastics. At what levels are they present in the aquatic environment, including the water supply, how are these levels to develop in the future, and what, if any, are the consequences for public health.
In this free webinar, we will share the results and insights of the work of Watershare members on the subject of microplastics.”

(Citaat: Kools, S.A.E., Olshammer, M., Yun Chang, S. – Webinar – Microplastics in the aquatic environment – Watershare Invitation, 18 December 2019)

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