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Nonlinear Flow Behavior in Packed Beds of Natural and Variably Graded Granular Materials


“Under certain flow conditions, fluid flow through porous media starts to deviate from the linear relationship between flow rate and hydraulic gradient. At such flow conditions, Darcy’s law for laminar flow can no longer be assumed and nonlinear relationships are required to predict flow in the Forchheimer regime. To date, most of the nonlinear flow behavior data is obtained from flow experiments on packed beds of uniformly graded granular materials (Cu = d60/d10 < 2) with various average grain sizes, ranging from sands to cobbles. However, natural deposits of sand and gravel in the subsurface could have a wide variety of grain size distributions. Therefore, in the present study we investigated the impact of variable grain size distributions on the extent of nonlinear flow behavior through 18 different packed beds of natural sand and gravel deposits, as well as composite filter sand and gravel mixtures within the investigated range of uniformity (2.0 < Cu < 17.35) and porosity values (0.23 < n < 0.36). Increased flow resistance is observed for the sand and gravel with high Cu values and low porosity values. The present study shows that for granular material with wider grain size distributions (Cu > 2), the d10 instead of the average grain size (d50) as characteristic pore length should be used. Ergun constants A and B with values of 63.1 and 1.72, respectively, resulted in a reasonable prediction of the Forchheimer coefficients for the investigated granular materials.”

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(Citaat: van Lopik, J.H., Zazai, L., Hartog, N., Schotting, R.J. – Nonlinear Flow Behavior in Packed Beds of Natural and Variably Graded Granular Materials – Transport in Porous Media 131(2020), p.957-983 – DOI: 10.1007/s11242-019-01373-0 – (Open Access))

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