KWR in het nieuws D.A. Savic - "Mastering Water's Digital Transformation Innovation" Forum launch creates a real buzz


“Thinking differently about water The launch of the Innovation Forum kickstarting Aquatech Amsterdam and the wider Amsterdam International Water Week was a roaring success. Built from the ground up to help people ‘Think differently about water’, an inspiring Roman-style ‘Forum’ area was designed to encourage a free-flowing discussion. A Colosseum type arena housing nearly 250 delegates featured at the heart of the discussions, as well as ‘Fireside Chats’, an augmented reality demonstration, expert lunches and matchmaking helping to create and foster connections throughout the day. Over 40 speakers, including 16 water utilities came together to discuss the tagline: ‘Mastering Water’s Digital Transformation’. Rather than ‘Death by Powerpoint’, the Innovation Forum instead fostered two-way interaction, with the audience actively involved in the agenda, voting and communicating digitally, as well as physically voting and moving around the Colosseum. Innovation Forum guests voted on topics such as the relationship between water utilities and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data.”

(Citaat: KWR in het nieuws D.A. Savic – “Mastering Water’s Digital Transformation Innovation” Forum launch creates a real buzz – Aquatech Daily (2019)6 November)

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