Rapport i.s.m. derden - D7.2

Validation plans including the KPIs per demo


“Being part of WP7 that aims at building on-site integration, demonstration and validation activities for STOP-IT, D7.2 has the objective of defining the validation plan, i.e. the methodology that sets the parameters to test and validate the STOP-IT system, both as a single platform product and as an ensemble of tools. The validation methodology of D7.2 focuses on the end user (i.e. FR) experience, which is gained during STOP-IT demo activities on both an individual tool level (the use of a single tool, according to the use cases of D7.1) and a platform level (the experience obtained from the use of the end STOP-IT product as a whole). Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are included as part of the validation plan in the form of tool and platform traits, i.e. indicators of excellence. These traits characterize tool and platform performance, as seen by the end user, and thus allow him/her to evaluate performance based on qualitative questions linked to these traits. Seven main trait categories are identified that are applicable to both tool and platform level, which formulate seven different chapters with questions for the questionnaires addressed to the end users. Moreover, D7.2 provides ways to quantify trait quality performance – in the form of a single metric per trait – and proceeds to link the presented validation methodology with the demonstration pilots, explaining how it is applied in WP7 demonstration activities. Finally, D7.2 links the developed validation methodology with user requirements, which are defined in a previous deliverable (D3.3).”

(Citaat: Bouziotas, D. – Validation plans including the KPIs per demo – STOP-IT – D7.2 – WP7 Deliverable Report for T7.2 (May 2019))

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