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Going Dutch! Smart Drinking Water Networks


“Making drinking water systems ‘smart’ is like adding a nervous system. Learn how this works from KWR experts.
Many drinking water networks are far from an optimal design; however, the number of possible re-designs is so large that optimisation techniques like Gondwana are needed. Gondwana was used to revamp Helmond-Mierlo’s water network which serves 105,000 inhabitants; the result: a saving of 64% (€15mn) in costs & better hydraulic performance. The optimisation tool also has other purposes, such as dividing water networks like at the Hague; ultimately, need to combine a smart ‘body’ and the ‘nervous system’ for best results.
Smart networks are drinking water networks equipped with sensors, which allow a water utility to better control the network in terms of quantity, quality, or the condition of the pipes. The term may also refer to the use of algorithms to identify failures (such as leaks) or for advanced process control.”

(Citaat: Vertommen, I., van Laarhoven, K.A., Blokker, E.J.M., van Thienen, P. – Going Dutch! Smart Drinking Water Networks – CWR (2019)19 August Hong Kong – Website 15 Oktober 2019)

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