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“A causal loop diagram is a diagram that helps to visualize how different variables in a system are interrelated. This interrelation of variables is also known as the feedback structure of systems. Feedback is the core concept of dynamic complex systems. Causal loop diagrams are a tool for representing the feedbacks in a system. Feedback processes explain how decisions can lead to either good control or a dramatic out-of-control situation. Causal loop diagrams are therefore used to improve your understanding of the dynamic behaviour. To determine when which loop is driving the behavior of the system at any point in time, one needs to look at the behavior over time of individual variables in the loops. A causal loop diagram can also be used to find possible solutions to a problem. Understanding the feedback structure improves the quality of decision-making. A causal loop diagram helps to understand the logic, or the underlying feedback structure, of certain future scenarios.”

(Citaat: van Alphen, H.J. – Workshops – In: Foresight in Organizations Methods and Tools (Editor P. van der Duin) pp 175-179)

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