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Influence de l áeration sur le colmatage des membranes immergees


“This thesis is about the influence of aeration on submerged hoilow fibre membrane fouling in outside/in filtration. In a fltst part, yeast filtration
(0.5 gX1) is studied in a 100 l tank with a membrane area of 0.032 m2 . Two types of filtration experiments were performed: critical condition determination with flux step method and filtration experiment under fouling condition. These experiments were performed without and with aeration with small and spherical cap bubbles. Fouling sensitivity to position and smail bubble injection flow rate as weil as to frequency and volume of spherical cap were analysed. Filtration experiments involve charactenzation of fùtration efficiency with tight or loose fibres. In a second part, local experimental and numencal studies were performed thanks to image analysis, P.I.v. measurements and FLUENT numerical simulations (Two-fluid model for small bubbles and v.a.F. model for spherical cap bubbles). Filtration and hydrodynamics analysis results lead to the determination of mechanisms explaining aeration effect on submerged hollow fibre fouling. This study contributes to better understand the relevant global hydrodynamic parameters in to order to control foWing.”

(Citaat: Martinelli, L. – Influence de l áeration sur le colmatage des membranes immergees)

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