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Innovation by Nature. On the human dimension of innovation- Farewell address W. van Vierssen


“Innovation by Nature. On the human dimension of innovation.
Within the chair on Science System Assessment of water-related research, research was conducted, together with KWR Watercycle Research Institute, into the functioning of knowledge systems related to the safe and reliable provision of water. The water sector involves a number of small players. With its Water Top Sector initiative, the Netherlands expresses its considerable export ambitions and therefore also a strong interest in a well organised knowledge and innovation management. An efficient transfer of knowledge over the entire process, from idea to market, is a key factor. In this intricate sector, it is crucial that the innovation system be structured in a numerical manner with an eye to human nature, and that close attention be paid to the dimensioning. The optimal group size for innovative knowledge production (research groups), the support of large societal transitions (knowledge consortia), and the associated societal implementing organisations, are addressed on the basis of a number of propositions and examples. These implementing organisations are introduced as Sustainability Guilds. The themes that will confront the sector, and thus society, with major innovations and transitions are: Resilience of the water infrastructure; the transition to a Hydrogen Economy; Water Recycling; Risk Management; and Resource Recovery. Concrete examples of all these themes will be discussed. The conclusion is that the Netherlands, thanks in part to government direction in the field of innovation, is well on course internationally.”

(Citaat: Innovation by Nature. On the human dimension of innovation – Farewell address W. van Vierssen (2018))

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