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Abatement options - IWA Webinar Abatement of Emerging Contaminants


“The webinar will present possible technological and non-technological abatement options to deal with emerging contaminants of concern and ensure water quality standards.
Two cases will be introduced, one from KWR in the Netherlands and one from NEWater, the water reuse initiative from PUB in Singapore. The management of emerging contaminant in both cases are presented. Various abatement options will be discussed with the audience, based on the existing assessments regarding their efficiencies to improve water quality and their potential for implementation.
Participants will be able to
– Identify both non-technological and technological options for the abatement of emerging contaminants in water
– Describe the diverse alternatives considered to manage emerging contaminants in water in the Netherlands.
– learn the technological and non-technological measures taken for the abatement & removal of emerging contaminants in NEWater and drinking water cycle- Singapore case study.”

(Citaat: IWA Webinar Abatement of Emerging Contaminants, Amsterdam, 21 June 2018 –

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