Rapport i.s.m. derden - D2.2 (M12)

STOP-IT Annual technical and policy brief based on the result of each CoP


“Deliverable 2.2 will be developed as four different briefs, one every 12 months, spanning the entire duration of STOP-IT. The current brief, the first in this series, builds on the workshop reports provided by the CoP facilitators after each workshop was carried out. This practice will continue until the end of the project. This brief was developed as a technical brief rather than a policy brief, as the local CoP workshops carried out to this point were only attended by stakeholders from organizations participating in STOP-IT. One project CoP activity was carried out with Front Runners and Follower utilities, while the trans-project CoP is in the early stages of development, integrating the STOP-IT project in research networks dedicated to cyber-security and infrastructure protection. As such, the current brief is looking to provide actionable advice to WP2 as well as CoP facilitators and managers based on the workshops that were held so far, in order to ensure the success of future workshops, which also will include external stakeholders. The authors envisage that the policy briefs related to the CoPs will be developed starting with the next version of deliverable 2.2, in order to provide input for the final deliverable of WP2, D2.3, which is due in M48 of the project.”

(Citaat: Urioc, S.C., Frijns, J.A.G., Koti, J., Hein, A., Ugarelli, R.M., Damman, S. – STOP-IT Annual technical and policy brief based on the result of each CoP – – D2.2 (M12) (2018))

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