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World Water Forum European Report on water - Pre-forum version


“The European Regional Process was part of the Regional Process of the 8th World Water Forum. It was coordinated by the Ministry of Environment of Portugal (as Lead Coordinator), through the Portuguese Commissioner, the Executive Commission and the Advisory Commission. The European Pact for Water, an informal network of 35+ European-based NGOs and CSOs, is the Co-Coordinator of the European Regional Process. Additionally, 254 focal points where identified in the 52 European countries, covering representatives from public administration, academia, water utilities, NGOs and European based-organizations. These focal points where invited to participate in the preparatory process since its beginning.
This process considered the relevant international frameworks like the UN 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals, the UN resolutions declaring access to safe drinking water and sanitation as essential human rights, the UN Paris Climate Agreement, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Financing for Development, the Sendai DRR Summit, the European Consensus on Development, the OECD principles of water governance, and the IWA Lisbon Charter for Guiding the Public Policy and Regulation of Drinking Water Supply, Sanitation and Wastewater Management Services. The European Regional Process took as a main guideline for its work the thematic matrix (themes and topics) defined for the 8th World Water Forum.
The deliverables of the European Regional Process were this European Report on the region and several regional and inter-regional sessions at the Forum, assessing the following themes: climate, people, development, urban, ecosystems, financing, sharing, capacity, and governance.”

(Citaat: Jaime Melo Baptista, Pedro Liberato, et al – World Water Forum European Report on water – Pre-forum version – March 2018)

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