Rapport i.s.m. derden - D3.3

The online SWS platform


“In the current document, description of the SUBSOL Subsurface Water Solutions (SWS) Online platform is provided. The SWS online platform consists of the main web-based platform developed by SUBSOL aiming to act as a hub providing access to the set of designed and implemented online services. These services include a) access to the SUBSOL Knowledge Base where information regarding the set of solutions, products and applications considered within SUBSOL is collected and made available to end users, b) access to the SUBSOL Toolkit that supports the collection and monitoring of environmental data, as well as the identification of locations that can be suitable for applying subsurface water solutions and c) the SUBSOL Marketplace that regards an online platform supporting the sharing of knowledge and lessons learnt between cases examined in the project and across regions and help facilitate innovative technologies and applied solutions.”

(Citaat: Zafeiropoulos, A., Karavokiros, G., Monokrousou, K., Makropoulos, C., van den Berg, G.A. – The online SWS platform – SubSol – D3.3 (2017))

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