Rapport i.s.m. derden - D3.2

The SWS Toolkit


“Task 3.2 attempts to develop a hydro-technical SWS decision support toolkit that will guide the choice and initial design of appropriate SWS solutions of practitioners, SMEs, policy makers and research organisations. Towards this direction, the SUBSOL Toolkit provides a series of online and open tools for developing, placing and modelling new SWS solutions.
Specifically, three levels of detail have been envisaged, depending on data availability of the end user: (i) high level assessment based on multicriteria analysis leading to initial design choices for SWS systems (ii) medium level assessment based on GIS/spatial analysis using risk based, spatial multicriteria techniques leading to locating SWS options and (iii) detailed assessment using advanced density dependent and geochemical groundwater modelling, using Open Source tools, models and algorithms coupled with GIS, leading to initial design as well as real-time evaluation and optimization of different operational modes of the SWS systems.
The SWS toolkit has been developed by the consortium and is up and running in the common landing page of all web applications, which is the Online SWS Platform under the URL: http://subsol-data.euprojects.net/.
The high level assessment of SWS systems, as described in section 2, is supported by the functionality integrated within the SUBSOL Knowledge Environment (SUBSOL KE). The user is able to use simple and advanced search options to identify those SWS measures that fit best to the specified criteria.”

(Citaat: Karavokiros, G., Pantazis, C., Rozos, E., Kallioras, A., Monokrousou, K., Makropoulos, C., van den Berg, G.A. – The SWS Toolkit – SubSol – D3.2 (2017))

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