Rapport i.s.m. derden - D4.4

Communication and dissemination Plan


“SUBSOL is part of the Horizon2020 open research and data initiative. Key determinants for the success of SUBSOL as a project will be whether generated knowledge is (1) Efficiently exchanged among the consortium members to leverage the capability of each member and (2) Whether knowledge is successfully transferred to external stakeholders in order to bridge the gap between science and practice and turn generated knowledge into innovative market opportunities. The latter aspect will be explained and summarised by the presented “Communication and dissemination plan”.
The conducted activities are classified according to definitions provided by the European Commission :
– “Dissemination is the public disclosure of the results of the project in any medium. […] It makes research results known to various stakeholder groups (like research peers, industry and other commercial actors, professional organisations, policymakers) in a targeted way, to enable them to use the results in their own work.”
– “Communication means taking strategic and targeted measures for promoting the action itself and its results to a multitude of audiences, including the media and the public, and possibly engaging in a two-way exchange. The aim is to reach out to society as a whole and in particular to some specific audiences while demonstrating how EU funding contributes to tackling societal challenges.””

(Citaat: Bunsen, J., Müller, A., Stahr, C., Chakrabarti, R., van den Berg, G.A., Raat, K.J. – Communication and dissemination Plan – SubSol – D4.4 (2017))

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